International Live Immersions

shaolin temple

For qualified instructors only.

NOV 2024

Thailand Live Immersion.

Qigong where the heart of Buddhism, is always beating.
Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Come join me in this once-a-year retreat in the city of temples where the heart of Buddhism is always beating. Payment plans are available at checkout. :

09th June- 18th June 2024
June 2024

Health and Wellness reset retreat Bali.

Take time out to come into stillness.

Discover the Path to Renewed Vitality and Balance at Hotel Komune, Bali! Are you feeling worn out, uninspired, and longing for a way to restore harmony in your life? It's time to embrace a transformative experience that will empower you to feel your absolute best. Get ready to embark on a journey of learning, movement, and rejuvenation with our Wellness and Lifestyle Reset Retreat
places are limited .
Dates and times 10th-15th May 2023:

may 2024

Workshops & Courses


For beginners & for those who are looking to become a Qigong instructor.
Divided into two classes with the first being beginners and the second for those who are interested in becoming an instructor and want to see what is involved in the process. DATES AND TIMES:
APRIL 2023

Become a Qigong instructor with the five elements.

Online & live
teacher training.
Start your journey to become the best version of yourself by immersing yourself in an easy to learn modality. Do the online content at your pace, practice the five basic flows that align your body to the season, log your hours of practice 200hrs required, attend a live immersion for assessment.
To find out more of what we offer in this course click the link below. .
Dates and times:

Available now. 
Available now

Learn the basics of muscle testing and kinesiology

Come join me.

Ever wanted to learn the art of muscle testing and kinesiology ?
Well now you can . Anyone can do it, and in this course I will show you how in our up and coming online course with the option of spending time in clinic with me if you wish.
Dates and times:

Coming soon