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Are you looking for answers traditional health professionals can’t provide? 

Hello, my name is Fay Savage-Winter. 

Kinesiology and neuro training • Health and nutrition advice
Certified Qigong instructor • Medicinal Tea blending

As a kinesiologist and neuro trainer, I specialise in allergies, sports injuries and general wellbeing. To me, your body and mind are one, not separate entities. And, so through a holistic approach, I can guide you along the path of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

I can help you with:

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The Five Elements

The five elements are integral to Chinese medicine as well as Qigong and Feng shui. They correlate with the seasons and our internal organs, body tissue and emotions. Awareness of the five elements allows us to view life through a multidimensional lens. It provides practitioners of Kinesiology a diagnostic framework to help recognise imbalances between a patient’s mind, body, emotions and spirit.


Wood relates to spring, the east and the colour green. Springtime impacts on the liver and links to anger.


Fire relates to summer, the south and the colour red. The emotion is impatience, hatred to joy and love when balanced.


Earth relates to late summer, the south-west and the colour yellow. Late summer impacts on the spleen and links to over thinking.


Metal relates to autumn, the west and the colour white. Autumn time impacts on the lungs and links to grief.


Water relates to winter, the north and the colour dark blue. Winter time impacts on the kidneys and links to fear.

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