Do you often feel unwell? 

You may be allergic to certain kinds of substances.  Here are some common allergens:

At my clinic, I store samples of different foods, chemicals and viruses. I can find out whether you are allergic to a particular substance by placing it on your body and pressing on a muscle. If you are stressed by the substance, the muscle will go weak. Then, I will use acupuncture points to discover which organ or meridian (energy channel) is causing the blockage and to ensure everything is clear. Also, by using certain techniques, I can check to see if an emotion is attached to the allergen. 

Sports Injuries​

Are you suffering from a sports injury?

Kinesiology and neuro training works well to treat a range of injuries, including:

With my clients, I take, what I call, a ‘shotgun approach.’ In other words, I am open-minded to different treatments, including working with other health professionals. It’s important to understand that muscles hold memories. And, after an injury, if these muscles aren’t cleared, you can be susceptible to new injuries — I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘accident prone.’ So, part of my treatment often involves using a technique called accident recall, which involves erasing troublesome muscle memories.

General Wellbeing

Do you feel tired or unwell? Are you constantly struggling with the weight of anxiety or depression?

A key principle of kinesiology and neuro training is to treat and eliminate the cause, not the symptom. Some of the techniques and services I apply include:

And, so by applying the appropriate treatment, I can identify and correct any imbalances, whether they originate from stress, nutritional deficiencies, allergies or injuries. By treating your body and mind as a whole, I can get you back onto the road to wellness.

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